3D Building Landmarks

3D Building Landmarks are digital 3D models of buildings like places of worship, towers, famous historical monuments and other important buildings. 3D Building Landmarks and Photorealistic 3D Models are created using unique amalgamation of geo-informatics and multimedia technology to achieve precisely geocoded real time 3D replica of landmarks in a city go right here. The concept of 3D Building Landmarks is gaining popularity as Points of Interest (POI) in navigation applications such as vehicle navigation systems, city maps in personal mobility devices, digital city guides and mobile applications for city travel.

Different types of 3D Building Landmarks

AABSyS technical teams prepare 3D Building Landmarks in two different levels of detail – Standard mode and Light mode

3D Building Landmarks are designed in the Standard model type with a higher level of detail. Standard models have more polygons and hence provide rich, detailed view of landmarks they represent. Such details are visibly manifested when viewed on a computer screen.


Different from the standard mode though not in complete contrast, is the Light model type of 3D Building landmark designing. Here models are created in such a way as to provide the best view on the screen of a handheld device or a mobile phone. The data creation process is correspondingly different, with lesser polygon counts and lighter in file size making it easy to load and view on a handheld device.

These models are then textured using aerial images and on-ground photographs in order to provide a realistic feel.


3D Building Landmarks are used significantly on navigation systems, real estate management and location marketing. Governments find it interesting to use 3D Building Landmarks for urban planning and tourism.

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