Technology Services helps enhance business processes, gain efficiency, streamline business practices and improve performance.

AABSyS Technology Services enable clients maintain up-to-date data, carry out geospatial analysis and accurate modeling right from establishing requirement, specifying & designing, and application implementation to its operation and maintainence according to the GIS application development life cycle.


Application Development & Maintenance

AABSyS offers end-to-end custom applications based on specific client requirements regardless of their complexity.

We offer GIS Application Development and Maintenance services such as Map Customization, Custom Tool Development, Integration Application Migration, and Web and Mobile GIS App Development. AABSyS offers the following end-to-end GIS application development services:

  • GIS application development for Desktop, Web and Mobile
  • Design, development, and maintenance of custom geospatial databases
  • Development of industry standard spatial information systems
  • Comprehensive data management, Geo-database development and Cross platform migration

Software Resource Augmentation

AABSyS offers software resource augmentation services that include full integration with your in-house team.

Thus ensuring successful collaboration for Product Development, Application Development, Windows API / Libraries Development, Web Services Development and Application/ Product Maintenance. The following services are offered as part of software resource augmentation:

  • Geocoding, Mapping and Routing in one solution
  • Real-time (2D & 3D Maps) applications using OpenGL, DirectX and Lightning Charts
  • Map application developing with Open Source GIS like OpenLayers, Leaflet, GeoServer, MapServer, Postgre PostGIS

Process Automation

Be it enhancement of productivity or review of work quality, AABSyS has developed several process automation tools that ensures improve productivity, enhance quality and streamline the workflow.

As part of our continuing innovation initiative, we introduce process automation fully or partly in a project. Following are they key automation services:

  • Automation of manual design and drafting operations
  • Automation of mapping and attribution processes
  • Quality control tools for engineering drafting processes
  • Quality control tools for GIS processes