Land Information

AABSyS edifies two most important foundations for the growth of a robust economy – Industrialization and urbanization.

While industrialization requires judicious management of resources for raw material, energy, and land demands; urbanization requires availability of clean air and water, land and well-connected road and communication networks. AABSyS accomplishes this crucial task of information analysis and management by the use of remote sensing, GIS technology and computer aided design and drafting services. AABSyS IT offers the following services for Land Information Management:

Land Information Management

AABSyS effectuates LULC mapping to support management, and monitoring programs in the field of natural resource management, urban expansion / encroachment monitoring and routing and logistics planning.

Our team uses high resolution satellite imagery to classify natural and man-made features into different LULC classes like forests, urban and rural settlements, highways, buildings, rivers, trenches, railway tracks, TV towers, windmills, electric lines, trees, parks, fields, cultivated lands, based on projects’ requirements. The output of various land classification files is delivered in industry standard GIS formats. Following are the key services offered under LULC Mapping:

  • Digitization and classification of features from aerial photographs
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Classification
  • Class / Clutter identification and labeling process
  • Accuracy Assessment
  • LULC map preparation

AABSyS creates thematic maps of different geological features in the GIS environment using the geological sketches provided by the customer.

These sketches include different geological structures, features, geological information etc. The sketches are digitized, and layer information added to the attribute table to create thematic maps of geological features. The following services are provided by AABSyS to map the geological features:

  • Heads-up digitization of geological sketches
  • Interpretation of lithological contacts
  • Capturing, gridding, contouring of features
  • Topographical & Physiographic mapping
  • Theme Creation and Map Preparation

AABSyS offers complete geological data management services for our clients, from legacy data assessments, data capture, appropriate quality.Assured/quality controlled (QA/QC) data verification, to integration into a coherent and validated spatial geological database.

Our team converts archive data containing text, maps, plates, photographs etc. into soft copy format for digital archiving, visual exploration and analysis by users. The output reports are also produced in a variety of formats, ranging from simple text summaries to composite graphical reports. To maintain geological database, AABSyS offers following key services:

  • Well-log data capturing
  • Digitization of legacy datasets
  • Attribution creation / update
  • Conversion of scanned text pages to word documents
  • Conversion of print images to.jpeg format
  • Conversion of tabular information into excel format
  • Georeferencing and Attribution of maps
  • Data Analysis and Report Generation

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