Data is being collected faster than ever before. This data needs to be managed and refined for up to date and accurate decision making. 

AABSyS has over two decades of expertise in managing the data lifecycle, from geospatial data capture, conversion and processing to integration, maintenance and update. We provide data services that are fully compliant with industry standards and increase digital governance, transparency and efficiency for customers.


Data Creation

With decades of experience in creating, normalizing, converting, and managing data for various industries.

AABSyS has unparalleled expertise in data acquisition and creation. Data creation services are carried out using satellite images, large-scale topographic maps, SRTM data, LiDAR  data or capture and attribution of Point of Interest (POI) data, or road network data or . The data creation services primarily include the following:

  • Remotely sensed data capture
  • Field data collection (POI)
  • Data digitization
  • Data attribution
  • Utility asset data management
  • Geofencing data

Data Engineering

AABSyS undertakes services to cleanse, enrich, model and manage data that could be retrieved as and when necessary, in order to make informed decisions.

Our data engineering services produce renderings that allow our customers to visualize geographic data, analyze spatial relationships, and overlay multiple data sources together. We enhance the data through multiple services like:

  • Data Conflation
  • Data Migration
  • Data Upgrade
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data visualization (Maps, Drawings)

GIS and Remote Sensing Services

With increasing availability of satellite images monitoring every corner of the globe with amazing clarity and frequency, its applications have grown manifold across various industries.

AABSyS has a highly experienced team of remote sensing professionals and has a rich experience of providing high quality yet cost-effective solutions for Remote Sensing and Image Processing to its customers.

The remote sensing imagery services offered by AABSyS include satellite and aerial image processing, interpretation, and analysis for a variety of applications ranging from monitoring urban sprawl, developing industrial zone corridors, planning land use, managing natural resources and watersheds, mapping wasteland or forests and analyzing crop yields.

Our remote sensing services are used by our customers spread across varied industry segments such as:

  • Urban Planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Telecom
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Mining

The typical services offered by AABSyS include

  • Land use/ Land cover (LULC) Classification
  • Georeferencing, mosaicking and seamless raster data products
  • Terrain mapping
  • Digital elevation modeling
  • Change detection analysis
  • Mapping & advanced spatial analysis