GIS Software &

AABSyS IT is transforming the way businesses operate, with its GIS software and automation services.

Developed to provide location-based insights and address specific requirements of our customers. AABSyS IT is a pioneer in providing customized solutions to seamlessly weave its services into customer environments. 

GIS Software and Automation

AABSyS translates business challenges into customized solutions suites, delivering functionalities compliant with customer requirements through a highly streamlined channel.

AABSyS offers end-to-end customization and GIS application development services in industry standard platforms (ESRI Suite products, ERDAS Apollo, Open source etc.) in the following areas:

  • Application development
  • Geospatial database development
  • Application and database migration
  • GUI Development
  • Spatial data infrastructure
  • Open-Source environment development

AABSyS IT is driving innovation through automation in highly competitive industries of Telecom, CAD and GIS, giving way to innovation and sustained success.

We support telecom carriers in revolutionizing their networks and providing on-demand consumable services. AABSyS facilitates streamlined CAD design automation for easy and quick completion of designs. All the client requirements for GIS automation for optimization of time and resources are successfully fulfilled by us.

  • GIS survey data collection, automation of digitization, identification and reporting of errors, quality assurance tools and plugins for ArcGIS desktop, ArcGIS Pro, QGIS
  • CAD automation of manual design and drafting operations in AutoCAD, quality assurance tools, export information from CAD to Excel and automatic placement of dimensions.
  • Creation and update of sub-cluster tables, population premise tables, premise count inside sub-cluster boundaries, sequential numbering, chart spreadsheet from diagrams, PDF plots, single line diagrams, splice sheets from design data/SLD, automatic population of labels of cables, splice closures, splitters and automatic service connection capturing.
  • Quality Management Process Automation for GIS, CAD and Telecom projects

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