Survey maps assist companies in ground truthing and understanding land information related to navigation and utility industries.

AABSyS conducts surveys on land sites and properties, and design methods for survey processes use equipment and tools to accurately map roads, highways, administrative boundaries, utility network routes and also identify and represent well-known buildings, historic structures, marketplaces, and popular spots.

Vehicular Surveys

AABSyS has an expert team of surveyors who conduct road surveys using drones / vehicle mounted single or multi-camera systems to drive

The roads within the area of interest to collect Street /Road links with locality information and the corresponding attributes to tailor clients with modules specific to the needs of their projects.. Following are the key services:

  • Road and street data capture
  • Geodetic data surveys
  • Administrative data capture

Manual Surveys

AABSyS survey technicians undertake field surveys to collect the locality, point of interest and socio-economic information.

The movement of the survey teams is tracked using a web application, enabling AABSyS in monitoring movement on a map interface on the desktop, in parallel to the field survey activities in real-time., AABSyS carries out the following survey services:

  • Socio-economic data surveys
  • Point of interest data capture