AABSyS IT, specialized in end-to-end customized CAD designing and drafting services, is a trusted partner to customers.

Worldwide for leveraging reliable and cost-effective services. AABSyS is a one-stop engineering design and drafting services provider to the architecture, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, land surveying, real estate, telecom, and utility sectors. AABSyS furnishes excellent infrastructure, skills, and technological capabilities to design and deliver value-added services, aligned with our customer values.

CAD Conversion and Standardization

AABSyS IT supports customers with a wide range of CAD services.

For architectural engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, and civil engineering. AABSyS CAD conversion and standardization portfolio broadly involves:

  • Scan to CAD and Point Cloud to CAD
  • PDF or hand-drawn sketches
  • Redline Drawing conversion
  • Naval Architecture Drawing conversion
  • Standardization of existing CAD drawings

CAD Drafting

AABSyS IT is an end-to-end provider of customized and high-quality CAD designing and drafting services compliant with the industry standards. 

AABSyS caters to the Architecture and Engineering industry with 2D and 3D designs, producing enhanced value in cost effective ways. AABSyS expertise include architecture, utility, construction, isometric drawings and solar panel layouts:

  • Technical drawings, 2D and 3D floor plans, site plan drafting, interior plans.
  • Construction and permit drawings, structural drafting of cellular towers and as-built drawings.
  • 2D representation of the asset assembly of the piping system and bill of material for pipe assemblies.
  • Building lots, placement of house/building and placement of dimensions from the corner of the house to the lot boundary.
  • Roof-top mounting plan, ground mounting plan and solar site plan.

Computer Aided Facility Management

AABSyS IT furnishes Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) services, enabling businesses to plan,

Execute and monitor the operation, management and maintenance of assets and facilities. AABSyS offering for management of operations using CAFM include:

  • Data conversion
  • Drafting of floor plans, facility plans and interior plans with furniture
  • Room area polyline creation
  • Linking of data to the drawings and uploading the drawing/data to the system
  • Regular Maintenance of CAFM system

3D Modeling

AABSyS IT with its varied and extensive experience in CAD engineering services, is a preferred service provider of 3D designs

Modeling, animation, walkthroughs and rendering services to the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry. The Photo-realistic renderings and walk-throughs services provided by AABSyS involve:

  • 3D Floor Plan Creation
  • 3D Walkthrough Creation
  • Generation of photo-realistic internal and external renderings