AABSyS leverages expertise in navigational content creation to help customers develop cutting-edge.

Navigation solutions for better safety and driving experience. AABSyS is an end-to-end service provider in the mapping and navigation geo-content space with the right mix of on-site and off-site (field) teams. We compile navigation map data using multiple sources, including high-resolution aerial imagery, satellite imagery, vehicular and manual survey inputs, and on-the-ground photography. AABSyS mapping and navigation services involve paying attention to finer details such as grid alignment, accurate capture of dimensions, positional accuracy, and completeness of content. AABSyS has helped global organizations build flawless navigation experiences for their end users through the following services:

Mapping Services

AABSyS creates customized 2D building footprints with reference to high resolution

Satellite images and generates building footprints, base, and hollow parts of building, building features intersecting / crossing the city etc. Following are the key features:

  • Building footprint derived from high-resolution satellite images and aerial images
  • Attribution
  • Experience of capturing large volumes of data directly or via remote access

AABSyS creates indoor building plans for information transmission and searching perspective, especially in large public and private buildings.

We have a wide range of data streams to enrich your indoor data points and draw indoor building maps that operate on the basic fundamentals of calculated path mapping that allows the user to find the shortest route between their origin and destination in real time, depending on sources of user input. We deliver following services for the creation of indoor plans:

  • Creation of the building floor plan
  • Attribution of units
  • Demarcation of entry, exit and amenities
  • Geo-referencing

AABSyS has rich experience in enhancing mapping and navigation data.

We assign additional relevant attributes to features derived from the interpretation of high-resolution imagery and visuals, community-based crowdsourcing, ancillary information, and field survey inputs that increase the pertinence of geo-content and make it more useful and navigable for the users of the mapping and navigation sector. Following are the key geo-content data enhancement services that AABSyS offers:

  • Data conflation
  • Cartographic representation
  • Data cleansing of existing road network geometry
  • Topology check and correction
  • Addition/removal of features

Survey Services

AABSyS has an expert team who creates accurate road and street network

Data using vehicle mounted single or multi-camera systems to collect street/road links and the corresponding attributes. These services are tailored to clients specifically to meet their requirements. Our Road and street network data creation service encompasses:

  • Digitization of road and street data from various source inputs
  • Classification of roads and streets
  • Addition of other specified attributes based on customer requirements

AABSyS collects POIs that serves as the base for any global navigation system.

Our expert team of field survey professionals collect photographs of POIs with a full view of the structure/property along with the required sign boards and geo-tag them along with attributes such as voice proof or remarks regarding the same. The following services are offered under POI data creation:

  • Point of Interest (POI) data capture and aggregation across various categories
  • POI field verification
  • House-level geocoding
  • Point Address collection and verification
  • Attribute collection
  • Administrative information collection and verification
  • Demographic surveys

3D Data Creation

AABSyS IT creates photorealistic 3D models of monuments, museums

Places of worship, recreational destinations, petrol pumps and other establishments commonly termed as landmarks. 3DLM is a unique amalgamation of GIS and multimedia technologies to achieve precisely geocoded real time 3D replica of the landmarks. Our 3DLM services involve:

  • Acquiring permissions from owners for inclusion of landmark and collection of photographs
  • Capture of details like grid alignment, accurate dimensions, drafting of slanting roofs etc.
  • Precise geo-referencing of 3D building models
  • Derivation of textures of the model from real world photography/images

AABSyS is a leading provider of 3D city model creation for various applications such as navigation and location-based services.

The model is based on geodata, digital elevation model (DEM), orthophotos, buildings from survey maps, architecture models, vegetation data, land-use plans etc. in an up-to-date, area-wide, and high-quality manner for the whole urban area. The 3D city model creation services provided by AABSyS involve:

  • 3D building models derived from high resolution stereo images or aerial photographs
  • Estimation and attribution of indicative or accurate heights of buildings and features
  • Data creation in various levels of detail

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