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AABSyS IT is a preferred mapping service provider for the leading global utility majors. With our GIS, remote sensing and computer aided design and drafting solutions to Electric and Gas Utility majors worldwide, AABSyS ensures continuity of business standards and relevance. AABSyS specializes in reliant and efficient GIS platforms including ArcFM, ArcFM UT, GE Smallworld, Ericsson Network Engineer, 3-GIS, AutoCAD, MicroStation and other industry-standard software for imparting end-to-end utility mapping services.

Electric Utilities

AABSyS IT caters to customer requirements with accurate and timely surveys

of the assets and infrastructure for mapping the underground and overhead utilities and enables extensive long-term planning of utilities through the following services:

  • Network Asset Mapping
  • Substation Survey
  • Consumer Survey and Indexing

AABSyS IT, experienced with multiple GIS platforms, specializes in providing end to end geospatial and utility mapping services.

AABSyS fulfills the requirements of major power providers requiring up-to-date data for asset management and decision-making. Services provided for data capturing are listed below:

  • Digitization of features using cadastral maps
  • Information capture on electrical stations, distributors, joints, protection ducts with associated attributes
  • Placement of dimensions such as, linear, orthogonal, chain type, as per the raster maps

The global electric utility industry heavily relies on land base data for the successful planning of their utilities.

AABSyS provides comprehensive services for creation, addition, deletion, update, and correction of land base data for strengthening electric utility systems. Satellite images, land records and existing land base paper/digital maps are used as the backdrop over which additional layers of facilities and information are digitized for creation of land base.


AABSyS IT is the preferred utility mapping services provider to prestigious Electric and Gas utility majors in Europe, Australia, and US.

AABSyS has comprehensive and extensive experience, we provide high-quality CAD drafting services. The services ensured by AABSyS includes:

  • Site plans
  • System Plans
  • Panel Schedules
  • One Line Diagrams
  • Permit Drawings
  • Layout Creation

The electric distribution system comprising underground cables and overhead lines is requisite for meeting the user energy demands.

AABSyS IT leverages engineering solutions for systematic designing and update of electric distribution networks. AABSyS offerings encompass:

  • Design of electrical cables both UG and Aerial and boundary design
  • Routing power cable network to the home
  • Feature and power station locating
  • Update of distribution lines, service connections on the customer’s GIS
  • Field sketches and photographs
  • Attribute capture

AABSyS IT is a leading provider of pole loading analysis and make-ready engineering services for the global electric utility industry.

Integrating the data received from the customer’s field staff, AABSyS engineering team can provide detailed pole-level analytics, including the following:

  • Structural analysis
  • Stress analysis
  • Clearance analysis
  • Reporting of high-risk field assets
  • Pole replacement design
  • Make-ready engineering

Gas and Water Utilities

AABSyS IT helps global gas utilities address their growing consumer demands by providing services for accurate planning and management of assets.

The planning services offered by AABSyS to gas and water utilities include:

  • New lateral lines
  • New connections

AABSyS IT necessitates the principles, methods, and technologies of spatial data acquisition through its data capture and update services.

AABSyS ensures accurate management of utility infrastructure of gas and water utility service providers. The data services offered by AABSyS to the gas and water utilities include:

  • Capturing pipelines, service connections and pipe asset data
  • Vectorization of the network on the pre-digitized cadastral maps
  • Data migration and integration in one single format.
  • Realignment and homogenization of network to new land base.

AABSyS IT aims to mitigate the multifaceted challenges faced by the utilities by providing safe and reliable

Solutions to the global gas and water utility companies and supporting efficient energy management. The following services are offered by AABSyS IT:

  • Clutter
  • Vector
  • Digital Terrain Model
  • Text/Attribute
  • Building Footprints

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