Poles Attribute Update

About the Customer
The client is a global Digital Transformation leader based out of United States.
Business Challenge
This is a Global Outdoor Lighting Database project The project aims at modifying and updating utility assets through survey data provided by client. Currently there are approx. 270,000 Area Light (AL) and Street Light (SL) records that exist and do not match with Small world GIS object. This project’s objective is to check all those records and where possible either match up with the record to a pole/light in Small world or to add those objects where there currently is no record.
AABSyS has well versed Engineers, who use technologies like GoogleEarth Pro, GE Smallworld 5.2, Microsoft Data verse and customized Tools & Applications for hour logging and project tracking to produce flawless deliverable.
  • Updated pole and light data in Smallworld as per Data verse surveyed Work order
  • Updated attributes of the pole & light in small world as per Data verse
  • Missing poles and lights are inserted in Smallworld as per surveyed data
  • Which data we are unable to verify they can re-survey/verify those WOs

For more information, please visit Electric and Gas Utility


  • Telecommunication
  • Electric and Gas Utility
  • Mapping and Navigation
  • CAD Designing and Drafting
  • GIS Software Automation
  • Land Information Management