Assetization for Telecommunication Network

Assetization for Telecommunication Network
About the Customer

The customer is a leading Telecom Company based in Middle East Asia.

Business Challenge

In a highly competitive telco environment assets are of fundamental importance, the customer required our support in the assetizing their large Telecom Network project, which encompassed capturing of conduit network, semi duct fiber network, direct buried cable, and aerial cable along with cross-sections for conduits and ducts.


Leveraging a combination of expertise of our engineers together with the migratory and integration management tools meet the challenge. AABSyS performed data migration from AutoCAD to ArcFM suite products using mass data capturing and migration tools, they were later fed to the object attribute through the object editor of ArcFM. Followed by the attribution of the house connection network by referring to the consumer database.

  • Well-assetized telecom network enables the tracking of asset-specific metrics through the asset lifecycle. Subsequently, achieving productivity, efficiency, and cost control.
  • With a customer-oriented approach focusing on quality and transparency, AABSyS achieved remarkable results, ultimately leading to the complete assetization of the telecom network project.

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