Data Capturing for Broadband Network

Data Capturing for Broadband Network
About the Customer
The customer is an Australia based leading broadband network provider.
Business Challenge
The customer sought our support as a subcontractor on one of their projects for constructing a Greenfield fiber network design. These include capturing data for the construction and installation of the broadband network with a standardized design, as-built drawings, and updating the assets in the geographic information system.
AABSyS supported the customer by locating and capturing street junctions and POIs/landmarks in the land base and network features, followed by capturing standardized attribution for cables, pits, terminals, ducts, conduits, and other OSP equipment and interlinking with fiber service area, fiber service module, fiber distribution area, physical network identification (OSP), and sequence number of equipment/asset.
  • Optimized greenfield fiber network design caters to the improved quality of life by extending broadband connectivity.
  • Enabling customers in quality decision making by precision data capturing and attribution.

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