Isometric Drawings

About the Customer

The customer is a leading Provider of GIS and CAD Services to the North American Oil and Gas Industry.

Business Challenge

The customer had approached AABSyS for the creation of 2D Isometric piping drawings from field survey data based on the customer’s specifications.


AABSyS implemented an effective training program during the startup phase of the project for engineering, procurement, and construction in the oil and gas sector. Isometric drawings were drawn from information found on a plan and elevation views. Valves and flanges are modified to adapt to the isometric grid with lines of equilateral triangles form 60°. The asset assembly of gas stations were captured to keep an actual record of the pipe layout, including symbology, labels, notes, legends, line weight, title blocks, line style, unit of measurement, and dimensions. The length of pipe in the assembly was prepared along with the count of fittings like unions, valves, meters etc. Lastly, the bill of material for pipe assemblies were prepared and all the isometric drawings in the DWG format were delivered to the client.

  • AABSyS offered sophisticated, voluminous and complex isometric piping drawings proved to be significantly helpful for cross checking and validating the piping design.
  • AABSyS in-house developed project management platform helped the customer carry out their project deliveries on time and to-budget.

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