ARAMIS Lightgig Drafting

ARAMIS Lightgig Drafting
About the Customer

The client is a leading enabler of 5G solutions and its commercialization provider based in the USA.

Business Challenge

The client sought AABSyS to support them with lightgig drafting in various markets in regions. It also encompassed designing the F2 routes in ARAMIS along with various deliverables such as  workprints, FST sheet, unit sheet, footage calculator, AOTX report, reconcillation report, etc.


Brought on board to support the customer in strengthening their customer’s  brodband network, AABSyS kick started the project with Lightgig F2 Drafting scope while understanding the different Market guidelines in the SE, SW, MW region. The key drafting elements encompassed fiber cables, FST, aerial and underground features followed by esblishing parent child connectivity amongst the features.

  • Lightgig Drafted jobs are in full compliance with the different Market guideline requirements
  • Local Jurisdiction requirements are in compliance with the Drafted Proposed Features.
  • Proposed features are in full compliance with the local jurisdiction requirement to avoid any conflict with the existing utilities.

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