Key Account Process Management Services

About the Customer 

The client is the developer of a leading fiber management platform.

Business Challenge

The client encountered challenges in incorporating non-uniform data, incomplete attributes, and workflow issues on their Fiber Management platform. With increasing demands for high-speed internet access, they needed a solution to streamline their network planning workflows, standardize their data, and optimize resource efficiency and electrical safety but also for minimization of field downtime and for future expansion.


With our Key Account Process Management services, AABSyS tackled the client’s specific challenges, ensuring maximum efficiency and value. Our software resource augmentation services bolstered their platform with custom-built features, enhancing productivity and meeting deadlines seamlessly. Our automation tools ensured error-free and inclusive data conversion between formats and databases, ensuring integrity and seamless integration. Finally, our collaborative product development ensured their platform evolved to meet changing business needs and customer demands efficiently.

Client Benefits
  • The client has been successfully managing their network management platform despite the fluctuating workflows, complex and inconsistent data formats, and high expectations from their end-users.
  • Our highly experienced team helped the client customize their offerings, overcome data challenges, and optimize their workflows in a highly competitive market.

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