3D Model Creation of Wireless Towers

About the Customer 

The client is a leading communications provider in Australia

Business Challenge

The customer sought AABSyS support for transforming 2D plans of the latest FC drawing, containing plans, elevation, and section details, into actionable 3D models. These plans consist of dimensions, sometimes supplemented by site visit photos or, in their absence, Google Maps imagery. The goal was to create accurate and comprehensive 3D models using AutoCAD Advance Steel software for the existing building structures and the proposed antenna frames.


AABSyS designed a systematic workflow to address the challenge effectively. To begin with, a thorough review of the input plans and site visit photographs was done. If on-site images were lacking, Google Maps or Google Earth were leveraged to gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing site. Next, with the help of AutoCAD Advance Steel software, AABSyS meticulously drafted the existing building roof and parapet structures in 3D, mirroring the specifications outlined in the FC plans. Simultaneously, precise drawings for the proposed antenna frames are created, adhering to the dimensions and standards prescribed in the floor plans.

  • All steel sections are converted to 3D to make observable models in AutoCAD.
  • Such a comprehensive approach is a foundation for site engineers and their teams to assess and execute structural modifications effectively in the field.
  • AABSyS follows a strong quality check process for ensuring the 3D models of all sections of the proposed antenna frame have the correct standards and dimensions as the provided FC drawing.

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