Pole Loading Analysis of Utility Poles

Pole Loading Analysis of Utility Poles
About the Customer

The customer is a leading Telecom company based in the USA.

Business Challenge

For the assessment of their utility poles and attached equipment, the customer sought AABSyS to perform pole loading analysis (PLA) and prepare a make-ready report.


We supported the customer in identifying the used capacity of their utility poles and documentation of the Make Ready Report. Our team adept in O’calc presented pole models with all the attached equipment to assist the client measure the reliability of poles and minimizing the risks of outages.

  • Pole loading analysis, overriding for ensuring all the protection measures are met, is an important step in telecommunication projects for determining the future initiatives of a company.
  • The information on utility poles capacity, enables service providers in taking steps for increasing safety of poles installation and making informed decisions for future installations.

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