GIS based Website Development for Real Estate

GIS based Website Development for Real Estate
About the Customer

The customer is a leading real estate web based property listing company located in the North American Continent.

Business Challenge

For the capturing of the map datasets and integration of the spatial and non-spatial datasets together for the Cayman Islands, the customer sought AABSyS assistance in preparation of GIS data, website development, testing and deployment.


Once all the tasks were received in the pre-designated task management system, AABSyS proceeded with GIS data preparation and website development. AABSyS ensured quick correspondence and applied customer’s feedback to update the tasks. Before website deployment, website and data testing was implemented to ensure that the deliverables are in compliance  with industry norms.

  • GIS based website for real estate provides real estate professionals an edge to better serve their clients, through combining spatial and non-spatial land data and maps.

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