Pole Annotation & Calibration

About the Customer 

The customer is a prominent pole survey and design firm located in the USA

Business Challenge

A prominent telecommunications provider faced significant hurdles in establishing an aerial network. In situations where an underground network installation was unfeasible, the existing wooden electrical infrastructure had to bear the additional load of the new fiber, all while already accommodating electrical and communication attachments. Addressing these challenges was not only vital for improved network efficiency and electrical safety but also for minimization of field downtime and for future expansion.


In response to this challenge, our team of experienced pole loading engineers undertook a comprehensive pole annotation and calibration initiative. This solution involved precise measurements of the poles and their attributes to accurately identify the structures and address the attachment heights while ensuring compliance with all separation standards for the new fiber installation.

  • Precise calibration facilitates seamless fiber placement on poles
  • Annotations define ownership of attachments on joint poles
  • Efficiency gains in field operations through reduced manpower utilization

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