Farm Coding Web-GIS Application

Farm Coding Web-GIS Application
About the Customer

The client is a leading software and services company catering to the USA and UK, providing desktop Geographic Information Systems.

Business Challenge

For the containment of spread of contagious infections in livestock, the client required AABSyS assistance for the design and development of farm coding Web-GIS application. The aim was to help the local authorities to take counter measures in case of a contagious disease outbreak through visualization and analysis of animal farms areas.


AABSyS leveraged the depth of its experience in the geospatial industry and prior assessment and training to all engineers to ensure efficient addressal of the customer’s requirements within the stipulated deadline. AABSyS identified two specific lines of outputs, namely holding numbers based on land parcel inputs and species code for animal species based on the list of farm animal species provided by the client. Buffering was applied for the visualization of land parcels of different species of animals and additional options such as zoom view and measure tool were added for user convenience.

  • With geographic information systems becoming an important tool in animal disease control, an integrated web-GIS application for farm coding enables the authorities to plan for mitigation and precautionary measures.
  • A solution driven approach to deliver an application in line with the requirements increase the efficiency of management of disease control in livestock farm.

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