CAD Standardization for Healthcare

CAD Standardization for Healthcare
About the Customer

The customer is a popular hospital accredited by the Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare in the Netherlands.

Business Challenge

The customer with a multi-storied facility required AABSyS to standardize the existing DWGs using the AutoCAD platform. The project encompassed the creation of different lines with different text suffixes to identify the nature of liquid, gas, or water running through the pipe network.


The customer requirements were met by utilizing AABSyS expertise in tool development. The tool made the process smooth and less time-consuming by preparing the layer structures and line types, which represented different networks. In the final step, the line types were assigned to each pipe congruent with the pipe network floor, subsequently ensuring quality assured solutions in productive turnaround time.

  • Standard files instill consistency in the data by defining common properties for layers, dimension styles, linetypes, and text styles. It assists designers, architects, and other engineers in the creation and distribution of CAD designs.

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