FTTx Access Network

About the Customer

The customer is a leading telecommunication firm in the USA highly specialized in networks.

Business Challenge

For seamless connectivity and enhanced capacity, the customer needed AABSyS to design Fiber to the home/subscribers (FTTH Access Network) in Ireland and Great Britain.


Collaborating to impart our specialized services, AABSyS used land base survey data with proposed structure position, fiber route and private-area boundaries to lay the fiber to the home. The cabinet boundary, cabinet position and the fiber route from cabinet to home,  were effectively designed. In the final step, a cabinet overview map containing the schematic layout of all the cabinets, distribution fiber and all the associated information was prepared.

  • Fiber access network provides solutions for massive scale rollouts with great agility and optimized cost, empowering the telcos in building data networks that are reliable and resilient.
  • AABSyS designed future proof fiber networks on time and under budget to assist the customer in capitalizing on significant core competencies.

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  • Telecommunication
  • Electric and Gas Utility
  • Mapping and Navigation
  • CAD Designing and Drafting
  • GIS Software Automation
  • Land Information Management