Digitization of Drill Hole Data

About the Customer

The customer is one of the largest mine owners in Canada.

Business Challenge

For the effective management of archives along with ease of access by the users, the customer required AABSyS assistance in conversion of its archival data encompassing text, maps, and images of diamond drill holes into soft copy format for digital archiving.


Harnessing the experience, strategy and mindful insights of our GIS experts, AABSyS supported the customer with seamless extraction of information from the massive archived data to facilitate digital archiving of customer’s data. The data was auto-converted using optical reader applications, subsequently georeferenced and converted to shape file in ArcGIS. Lastly, the attribute information regarding type of clays, collars, geochemistry, lithology, survey and unconformity depth, etc. was organized into excel sheets.

  • Digital archiving enables the businesses to benefit from the efficiencies of systematic data storage and retrieval, ensuring enhanced ease of accessibility with reduced risks to security and damage.

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  • Telecommunication
  • Electric and Gas Utility
  • Mapping and Navigation
  • CAD Designing and Drafting
  • GIS Software Automation
  • Land Information Management