Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) to XGSPON (Ten Gigabit and Symmetrical Passive Optical Network)

About the Customer

The customer is a leading Telecom company based in Canada.

Business Challenge

The customer sought AABSyS support in migrating RFoG to XGSPON technology. RFoG technology is near end-of-life, end-of-support and XGSPON is a new technology with enhanced capacity and capability.


AABSyS supported the customer in building Permits for new OLT design and support on LLD (Low-Level Design) migrating RFoG to XGSPON technology. Also, AABSyS prepared the Construction Drawings, Schematic Drawings, and Splicing Packs for the supported areas and activated the G-PON plant including LCP splitters, parallel to the existing RFoG plant, stop sell RFoG, migrated all RFoG customers to XGSPON, and then decommission the RFoG plant.

  • XGSPON technology provides 10 Gigabit Symmetrical capacity and unified fiber DWDM wavelength capacity
  • XGSPON avoids future costs and potential customer impact due to the obsolescence of RFoG equipment and parts
  • XGSPON provides ultra-high-speed internet capable of running on existing fiber infrastructure i.e., they are designed to co-exist with current PON technologies on the same physical fiber architecture
Application Used
  • SpatialNet
  • AutoCAD

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  • Telecommunication
  • Electric and Gas Utility
  • Mapping and Navigation
  • CAD Designing and Drafting
  • GIS Software Automation
  • Land Information Management