Land Use Land Cover Study

Topographic Mapping
About the Customer

The Client is a Design, Engineering & Consultancy services provider, based out of India.

Business Challenge

The customer sought AABSyS collaboration for Satellite Image Processing / Geographical Information System Map for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Clearance (EC) and Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance.


AABSyS, in collaboration with the client, finalized the area of interest in geographical coordinates to prepare map datasets, for which latest satellite imagery from the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), covering a buffer area around the project boundary was procured. AABSyS performed georeferencing of the satellite imagery to establish a ground coordinate system using GIS/RS software. Additionally, AABSyS obtained the scanned topographic sheets from the Survey of India (SOI) at a scale of 1:50,000 for the area of interest. AABSyS then prepared physiographical and drainage maps in ArcGIS Compatible format based on the SOI topographic sheets, incorporating features such as settlements, forests, roads, and rivers, and generated land use land cover map using the satellite imagery and classification techniques in ERDAS Imagine Software. AABSyS also provided a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) based on the SOI topographic sheets.

  • Quality checks were conducted by AABSyS QA professionals to ensure the correctness and completeness of the GIS maps
  • AABSyS followed its own ISO-certified guidelines to keep strong focus on the quality of the deliverables
  • Creation of Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • Generation of maps in GIS files, along with shape files and formats like .jpeg, .tiff, and .pdf.
  • Soft copy deliverables of the final maps were provided to the client via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

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  • Telecommunication
  • Electric and Gas Utility
  • Mapping and Navigation
  • CAD Designing and Drafting
  • GIS Software Automation
  • Land Information Management