Cadastral Map Digitization

About the Customer

The customer is a government agency, Technical Directorate of a State Government Department.

Business Challenge

To fulfill the objectives of National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP), launched by the Government of India in August 2008, the customer required assistance in cadastral digitization and attribution. The scope of work included capture of all the survey land record data such as parcels, river, road, boundary line abadi, chattan, grass, hill, trees and well for 12,000 maps of 2 districts of Odisha namely Khurda & Mayurbhanj.


AABSyS assisted the Government of India in effective implementation of the National Land Records Modernization Program. The expertise of our engineers to perform complex tasks were utilized for the successful completion of the project which included digitization, mosaicking, migration to ArcGIS SHP format, attribution and data validation of the existing cadastral maps. The color coding for the hatch pattern was assigned in compliance with the village map and instructions given by Odisha Computer Application System.

  • Accurate digitization of land records data enables development of a uniform and integrated land information system essential for effective land management and administration.
  • With the establishment of a modern and efficient land records management system for proper land governance, enabales transparency and expand the avenues for growth.

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