Netwin Cell/MDU Design and Drafting

Netwin pic
About the Customer

The customer is a leading telecom company based in the USA.

Business Challenge

The customer approached AABSyS to provide assistance in Design and Drafting cost optimized route from the JSO to customer premises via PDO, Pole, Splitters and Drop cable in their specified region. Drafting process will be done in the client proporietary software called “Netwin”.


AABSyS supported the customer with Design and Drafting  drawings for the placement of new PDO, Fiber and Drop Cables in Netwin software. Netwin enables the management of FTTx network development from an end-to-end point of view, starting from network planning to service provisioning. It also allows to control the end-to-end project delivery, planning  and designing  FTTx cells.

  • Netwin is one of the popular tools for FTTx Design.
  • AABSyS services has enabled the customer with quick and efficient placement of their fiber network in a new service area.

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