AABSyS is proud to introduce state-of-the-art AI-based LiDAR point cloud processing services, enabling customers with efficient and accurate LiDAR point cloud data.

AABSyS uses the power of AI to automate the processing of 3D point cloud datasets obtained from different scanning technologies thereby eliminating the need for manual alignment and analysis of point cloud data. AABSyS AI-based LiDAR Point Cloud Data Processing services also reduce the efforts for site visits and ground surveys and support handling large-scale projects with vast amounts of data.

Following are some of our key capabilities in LiDAR Point Cloud Data Processing services:

Semi-Automated Feature Extraction of Utility Infrastructure

  • Classification of LiDAR data for auto-capturing of utility infrastructures
  • Auto-capture of pole locations, addresses, anchors, mid-span points, etc

Power Line Vegetation Management using LiDAR Data

  • AABSyS AI Solution automatically detects locations/utility corridor portions for tree pruning
  • Canopy locations can be vectorized along with the Height information from LiDAR Data.
  • Traditional methods are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to errors

LiDAR to CAD Services

  • Conversion of LiDAR data to 2D CAD or 3D models
  • CAD Drafting and Layering as per AIA standards
  • Creation of the latest and most accurate database of features, without actual ground survey

Aerial Feature Extraction with Custom-Developed Tool

  • Classification of LiDAR data for auto-capturing of utility pole information
  • Capturing of pole attachments
  • Creation of pole profile drawings

Feature Extraction from LiDAR for Under Ground Mapping

  • Classification of LiDAR data for auto-capturing of UG information
  • Capturing features like bridges, driveways, sidewalks, railway lines, culverts, manholes, etc.

For more information on our AI-based LiDAR Point Cloud Processing Services, please contact us.