GIS Solutions for Electrical Utilities

Nowadays, extreme weather events are on the rise globally which have caused unprecedented blackouts and power outages even in the most developed nations with sophisticated utility management practices in place.

Uses of GIS Maps

Have you ever used Google Maps to find directions or a route map to your friend’s house?

Architectural CAD Drafting: Importance of Detailing in Architecture

Before the advent of computer-aided drafting (CAD), architectural drawings were created using manual paper drafting methods. The traditional method of manual drafting is time-consuming and bulky and makes alterations extremely difficult. This process involved creating detailed technical drawings by hand, using a variety of tools and materials. But, after the development of CAD, there has […]

Structural Analysis of Telecom Towers

With growing awareness of the need for the safety of infrastructure, there is a greater demand for structural analysis to ensure that structures can withstand different types of loads and conditions. It helps in determining the effects of loads and internal forces on a structure, building, or object. Structural analysis helps identify potential weaknesses and […]

GPON Drafting Services

Although, fiber is not a new concept by any means, bringing it closer to the customers and their ever-evolving needs requires advanced network strategies. This is where the GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) technology provides service providers with a reliable roadmap to meet customer demands, optimize capital expense, and reduced fiber network maintenance costs. GPON technology has […]

GIS in Global Telecommunications


We live in a world where distance no longer holds considerable relevance. The internet and telecommunications services keep us connected to our families or businesses. The telecommunications industry has emerged as a key element of any economy, as it facilitates seamless information exchange between people and businesses. Telecom is the fifth largest and fastest-growing industry […]

Satellite Image Processing: Applications and Possibilities


Satellite images provide a true picture of earth and its environment in real-time. The large constellation of remote sensing satellites orbiting the earth provides a comprehensive and periodic coverage of the earth, enabling myriad uses for the benefit of mankind. From mapping the shrinking polar ice and glacial cover, to increasing desertification, from devastating floods […]

How to Choose an Effective Indoor Navigation System

How to Choose an Effective Indoor Navigation System

It is quite natural to lose one’s way inside a huge shopping mall. That restaurant you visited last month, and want to visit again – was it in the first floor, or the second floor? My favourite shoe brand has a new showroom in this mall… I saw their ads offering inaugural discounts and wanted […]

Software Resource Augmentation Services (SRAS) – Empowering the Global Software Industry


The world is becoming a converged market place for specialized software talent and there is an increasing drive to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies through technological innovation. This translates into a growing number of software projects, where success or failure of a business could be based on its ability to complete projects on time, […]