AABSyS gets noticed as a rising star in the GIS and IT-BPM industry by NASSCOM

Rajen_Tanwar_NasscomRajen is the Executive Director at AABSyS. He has more that 18 years of experience in leading Corporations across sales, business development, operations management and entrepreneurship in IT, ITES and geo-spatial markets. He is responsible for charting out AABSyS growth path, business positioning and market penetration strategy in the global markets, and also ensure its effective execution and implementation. He is based out of AABSyS new office in Noida, Delhi NCR. Prior to joining AABSyS, Rajen spent significant number of years with RMSI, a leading geospatial services company and was heading one of their Strategic Business Units. His geospatial and IT experience is extensive and diverse; from opening up new markets for GIS, IT products and services, devising successful sales penetration strategies for existing markets to managing large profit centric delivery operations. His experience in business verticals ranges from utilities and wireless telecommunications, retail, navigation and location based services, land information management, and natural resources. Rajen has done his B.E. from Moti Lal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad and PGDFM from Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal.

Q: What made AABSyS IT focus on CAD and GIS services, a very niche market within IT services?

AABSyS IT was established with a vision to provide high-quality, cost-effective IT services to global customers. The directors and the senior management team had prior experience in the GIS and CAD domains and that was the reason why we forayed into these segments. AABSyS however, is not only focused on GIS and CAD services, but continues to address large IT and BPM opportunities in global markets.

Q: How do you see this opportunity grow in the near future and what will be its key drivers?

We see a very promising future for GIS, CAD and other IT-BPM outsourcing services both in the medium and long terms.

We see three key drivers propelling this growth. Firstly, with the pressure on the economy and need to maintain a competitive edge, we see a continued demand of IT-BPM outsourcing services from organizations based in developed nations.

Secondly, developing nations in Asia, Africa and South America are seeing a significant increase in their IT infrastructure spending and there is no way this will go down in near future.

Thirdly, Bhubaneswar is emerging as a strong outsourcing destination.With cities such as Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Noida and Gurgaon getting saturated and being faced with high maintenance costs, many companies with delivery operations in these locations are losing their cost advantage. Bhubaneswar, on the other hand, provides advantage in terms of infrastructure, cost and qualified resources. Our own delivery operations are based out of Bhubaneswar and we will certainly benefit from its positives.

Q: What would you say has led to your rapid success —75 customers across five continents, in just 14 years?

Our success can be attributed to the vision of the founding directors, as well as our strong fundamentals and business practices. One, we are customer and partner-centric in the true sense of the word. We work as an extension of our customers and partners and help them attain significant cost advantages without compromising on quality.

Second, we value our employees a great deal. Realizing that employees are fundamental to the success of a service company like ours, we go that extra mile to ensure that our people are adequately trained, motivated and nurtured.

Thirdly, as an organization we strive to maintain dynamism, agility and easy accessibility, so that we can act fast and address the needs of our customers. Last but not the least, we practice the highest levels of corporate governance, following the highest standards of business ethics and transparency in our business dealings.

Q: What does it take AABSyS to have a very high repeat business percentage?

Right from the time AABSyS started its operation in 1998, we have been fortunate to have a large chunk of our overall revenues (as high as 60-70 percent) coming from our existing customers. This has been possible because of our customer-centric approach and high level of service orientation. We have always aspired to build long-term, trustworthy relationships by delighting our customers with our services and support.

Q: What were some of the challenges you overcame as a new entrant? How did you overcome these difficulties?

As a new entrant, AABSyS faced three main challenges:

Very early in the game, we realized that we needed to create a niche in the industry and build requisite domain expertise. Accordingly, we developed skill sets, verticals and domain expertise in select areas and were able to reap excellent dividends in segments such as GIS utilities, architectural drafting and CAFM.

The second and even bigger challenge was to attract, motivate and retain high caliber professionals to our organization. To address this, we established a strong HR function and practices at the time of inception itself. We invested in customized professional training for our staff, providing fast track career paths, incentives and performance linked stock options for the star performers of the company. The company invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure at our facilities in Bhubaneswar, creating an edge for ourselves.

We additionally realized that being headquartered in Bhubaneswar, we were positioned away from the market. To overcome this, we set up a global sales office at Noida in the Delhi NCR. We travelled extensively across the global markets and participated in industry trade shows, seminars and conferences. Over the years, we have been also successfully using our website to reach out to our prospects and target customers.

Q: What are your plans for the year ahead? Is AABSyS looking to add to its service lines, verticals and markets?

We have very ambitious plans for the year ahead and are looking forward to increasing our sales penetration and broad basing our reach in the domestic and international markets. As part of our growth strategy, we are actively pursuing new service line verticals and markets. We have been very successful in the GIS utilities business in the European geography. This year, we seek to build on our success in Europe and get new engagements in Australia, the US, UK and India.

Similarly, we are also implementing new business plans for additional service lines related to mining, forestry, engineering, mobile applications and web-GIS development.

Q: How do you perceive the Indian domestic market? Should Indian IT service providers be actively pursuing this market?

We are living in very happening and interesting times and have witnessed unparalleled growth in the nation’s infrastructure build-up. The entire world is coming to India and there are such huge opportunities in the domestic market.

Clearly, the domestic market should not be ignored. IT service providers should in fact, actively pursue this market. There are bound to be challenges and struggles, but we somehow need to strategize to effectively counter them. It is also the duty of companies like AABSyS, who have been successful in the global markets, to utilize their international experience and pass on the benefits to India. They can do this by helping build robust and sophisticated IT infrastructure.