German IT-Round Table, 2009

AABSyS participated in German IT-Round Table 2009 held at Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Kornwestheim, Karlsruhe between 9th and 10th of March 2009.

The German IT-Round Table 2009 was organized by The Indo-German Software Competence Network (Indescon) e.V., a network of German and Indian software companies. Indescon focuses on organizing events and seminars to promote strategic activities towards increasing a business relationship between Indian and German IT companies.

Mr. Arun Patnaik, Director, AABSyS, was invited to the press conference at the event in Karlsruhe and he talked about the quality and commitment of German companies in every industry, and its deliverable success. Mr. Patnaik re-enforced the importance of Made-in-Germany, which is a symbol of high-quality, and stressed the need for much larger cooperation between German IT companies and Indian IT Companies for development of world class software and IT services. The event was hosted at the International Department of the University of Karlsruhe.