Senior Members’ Dinner With CEO


The senior team members of AABSyS had a fun filled “CEO dinner” night on the 4th of November at Bhubaneswar.

Team members were sensitized regarding the importance of the Team and the effect of various states of EGO (Parent, Adult and Child) on Team management. Dr. Sucharita Pal, Professor XIMU, Bhubaneswar helped each member to understand their strengths and weaknesses through a psychometric test and analysis. She enlightened the audience by citing examples on self-awareness and social awareness, and its effect on the organizational culture. She demonstrated why ‘ego-lessness’ is a strong trait of effective leaders and not the contrary.

This valuable session was reflected on the words of our CEO Mr. Arun Patnaik.  He put forth a self-understanding and thought-provoking question “What would happen if one day the earth thinks of not aligning with the laws of the nature and stop rotating on its axis?”.  What would it mean for each one of us?  Thus, by aligning with the laws of nature, the outcome is – a vibrant life on Mother Earth. He thus laid the emphasis on the vision, value, culture, and ethos of AABSyS IT. The key for overall growth and success will be the ability of each AABSyS-ian to remain aligned with the Company’s values, goals and objectives for driving better results with their teams.

The voice of CEO was echoed in the address of Dy. MD. Mr. Rajen Tanwar, who stressed on the need to stick to our value system to tackle the current challenges. He highlighted the need for coordination and collaboration by citing the quote – the strongest team does not always win, it’s the team that goes along (coordinates and collaborates) well that wins. As it is said “The whole is greater than the sum of parts” he explained the concept with an apt example of two bulls together achieving more than double the weight of their individual contributions. He thus emphasised the need for Synergy more than Energy, that we must focus on the leadership teams.

Our VP-Ops Mr. Shyamalendu Mohapatra motivated the audience and thanked each one for being a part of Company and how their contribution can lead AABSyS on growth trajectory.

The evening was followed with sumptuous dinner, music, and entertainment.