AABSyS executes digital topographic map projects

AABSyS has produced digital topographic maps of two earthquake-prone regions in Romania in eastern Europe that would enable the study of the effects of earthquakes on the region.
Bhubaneswar, 25 May 2009

AABSyS Information Technology Private Limited has executed projects to produce digital topographic maps for its clients in Europe.

Topographical maps contain information such as contour lines, natural and man-made features of the terrain. Contour lines are curves that connect contiguous points of the same altitude.

Topographic Maps have several useful applications, including studying the effects of earthquakes in quake-prone areas, for geo-information sciences, planning large-scale architectural structures, mining or other large-scale earth-based endeavours, and for recreational activities such as hiking.

Generating and creating topographic maps involves collecting field information such as altitude using GPS. Other objects that are captured include significant streams or other bodies of water, forest cover, built-up areas or individual buildings (depending on scale), and other features and points of interest.

Earlier, traditional surveying instruments were used to generate information for topographic maps. But now photogrammetric interpretation of aerial photography is used to prepare them.

AABSyS has produced Digital Topographic Maps of two earthquake-prone regions in Romania in eastern Europe. The maps would enable the study of the effects of earthquakes on the region.

Topological information such as contour lines (elevation), main roads, side roads, rivers, lakes, and geographic information like vegetation lines, state and district boundaries were digitized in specified layers of the Topography Maps. The contour lines were drawn as per the elevation information provided on the scanned topography maps.

This allowed the development of a 3D elevation model of the districts. The digital topographic maps were merged to obtain a single map and were delivered in DGN format.


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