AABSyS IT Wins State Export Award, Second Time in a Row

AABSyS Information Technology Private Limited, a premium GIS, CAD and software services company in India, was won the State Export Award 2015-2016 for the second consecutive time.

AABSyS IT Wins State Export Award, Second Time in a Row

AABSyS IT has won the State Export Award 2015-16, for the second consecutive year at a ceremony organized by the Directorate of Export Promotion and Marketing at Mayfair Convention Center, Bhubaneswar on 21st Sep 2017.

This Award is constituted by the Directorate of Export Promotion and Marketing, Odisha to recognize corporates for their contributions in terms of exports, employment generation, innovation and boosting overall economy and prosperity of the State of Odisha, while creating a spirit of competitiveness among the exporters of the State.

Winning this Award for a second consecutive year is a recognition of the company’s rising contribution towards the State’s economy and overall development. AABSyS IT is deeply indebted to all customers who have reposed their trust and confidence in the Company and all team members for their strong customer focus, hard work and sincerity.

About AABSyS

AABSyS is a leading provider of GIS, CAD and application software services to customers worldwide. The company brings together deep domain expertise, talented personnel and 18 years of experience to meet a variety of customer needs in geospatial and IT services. The company has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class facility at Infocity, Bhubaneswar and maintains a highly successful track record of working with an impressive set of national and international companies.

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