AABSyS sees economic slowdown as an opportunity

AABSyS provides complete Auto CAD services, cad conversion and paper to cad conversion services to its customers.
Bhubaneswar, 2 March 2009

AABSyS Information Technology Private Limited believes that the global economic downturn poses an opportunity for business processing outsourcing companies in India. There have been protectionist noises emanating from the US against outsourcing companies. But ultimately, outsourcing will be a key strategy for many companies to survive the economic downturn.

Computer-aided design (CAD) has been a popular outsourcing area for large companies in the US and Europe. Auto cad Services, CAD conversion services and paper to CAD conversions, in particular, are in high demand. There have been many reasons for this, including a large pool of literate and English-speaking professionals, low staff costs compared to developed countries, high level of information technology skills and so on.

Indian companies have earned a good reputation for themselves in the CAD field. AABSyS has been very successful in attracting business from companies in the US and Europe. The company has more than 10 years’ experience in providing Auto cad services, CAD conversion services, and paper to CAD conversions that are of a very high quality, and done by highly experienced professionals.

Paper to CAD Conversion will always continue to be in demand by industries such as architecture, civil engineering, product manufacturers and so on. AABSyS offers paper to CAD conversion services and digital file format conversion services such as DWG to PDF, DWG to TIFF or JPG format for publication, distribution and archiving.

AABSyS has always focused on being customer centric, as a result of which it has been able to attract good volumes of business. The company has been providing CAD conversion services since 1998 and has infrastructure across the world for providing them.

About AABSyS

AABSyS is a leading outsourcing company that provides GIS/ CAD services, software development services and data entry services to customers worldwide. The company brings together optimized resources, talented personnel, and the years of experience to meet a variety of customer needs. The company is based in Bhubaneswar in Orissa, India.

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