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The Senior Managers of AABSyS IT, who are based out of Bhubaneswar, had a lunch get together at the Golf Club, Infocity, Patia, Bhubaneswar on Friday, 14th Feb 2020.

Bhubaneswar, February 14, 2020: PRESS RELEASE

The Senior Managers of AABSyS IT, who are based out of Bhubaneswar, had a lunch get together at the Golf Club, Infocity, Patia, Bhubaneswar on Friday, 14th Feb 2020. Mr. Arun Patnaik, CEO of AABSyS IT shared concepts from Dr. Bruce Lipton’s finding on how thoughts impact our biology. Dr. Lipton explains that positive thoughts can help influence a life of good health and achieve positive outcomes and that through constant practice, it’s possible to alter our perceptions to create a positive life. A YouTube documentary can be found in the following link:

Mr. Patnaik went on to deliberate about the science behind the power of thoughts and how positive thoughts makes a positive impact in our lives. He explained that at an individual level whatever one has achieved was first nurtured through a simple thought. The thought then has turned into reality.

He further explained when AABSyS IT took birth in 1998, it was merely a thought. AABSyS IT had ZERO experiences, ZERO customers, ZERO people, ZERO infrastructure, ZERO Processes or Policies. Two decades later, the thought has transformed into an “Institution par Excellence” with valuable Credentials, Customers across the world, State of the art infrastructure with offices in 3 locations in India, ISO certified Processes & policies and an amazing team of more than 300+ professionals working for awesome set of Customers worldwide and the work that we deliver, impacts lives of millions across the world in the most positive manner.

He thus went on to explain, that a 100 crore dream looks far more real today, and can be more easily achieved when more and more people get aligned to the same thought, vision, mission, values and goals of the company and work passionately towards it.

As it turned out the warmth of winter afternoon sun and the amazingly green landscape of the Bhubaneswar golf club was a perfect setting to realize that we are all limited not by our potential but by how much we can envision and give power to our good thoughts. All senior managers expressed their strong commitments and shared some of their personal values that they hold dear and that makes them so special and unique. The lunch sessions concluded with some beautiful pictures with positive energy and zeal to move forward with a strong focus to make the dream a reality.

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AABSyS is a leading provider of GIS, CAD and application software services to customers worldwide. The company brings together deep domain expertise, talented personnel and 20+ years of experience to meet a variety of customer needs in geospatial and IT services. The company has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class facility at Infocity, Bhubaneswar and maintains a highly successful track record of working with an impressive set of national and international companies.

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