Software Resource Augmentation Services (SRAS) – Empowering the Global Software Industry

The world is becoming a converged market place for specialized software talent and there is an increasing drive to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies through technological innovation. This translates into a growing number of software projects, where success or failure of a business could be based on its ability to complete projects on time, limit costs to fit their offerings within customer budgets, and to meet or exceed the expectations of customers. Companies must navigate the choppy waters of a complex global economy and position themselves to quickly expand their workforce to match the changing demands of their projects.


In this rapidly developing landscape, the challenge for many organisations lies in their ability to attract, deploy and retain specialized talent. With the changing nature of technology and business needs, the demand for skilled software resources can fluctuate dramatically. New project implementations often require additional resources or expertise beyond that of the regular internal staff. Hiring, training and sustaining additional permanent, full time staff members might not be always feasible or cost effective.

Falling behind the IT innovation curve can lead to disaster. The absence of skilled software resources to meet an unplanned or unforeseen requirement can cause delays leading to reduced productivity and financial losses. The void made by the absence of skilled software resources could be critical.

Introducing SRAS

In such scenarios where a business needs to scale up its software team with extra skills, it is advisable to seek assistance of a software resource augmentation services provider who could help address the situation effectively. SRAS providers enable organizations to scale up and address a short-term software talent requirement gap, in a cost-effective manner.

Software resource augmentation allows a company to add external staff to their teams with additional skills required to support their project requirements. Companies may easily ramp up and down in order to meet changing project demands without shouldering the cost and liabilities involved in hiring, training, on-boarding and retaining full time employees. SRAS providers help cut down these costs, thereby enabling businesses to respond to irregular workflows on time.


AABSyS IT is a leading provider of GIS, CAD and software services with a significant work experience providing SRAS. The company maintains a rich talent pool of well-trained software professionals, and has been successfully providing software resource augmentation services to global customers. AABSyS IT can quickly ramp up the team to offer highly skilled professionals, who can work with the customer’s technical team, requiring only minimal training and orientation, to support their project requirements.

Advantages of SRAS from AABSyS IT

  • Large team with rich skillsets and diverse capabilities
  • Ready to step in resources available for shorter durations to support through unplanned or unforeseen fluctuations in the project workflow
  • Expertise and experience in supporting customer workforce through aggressive timelines
  • Eliminates costs and liabilities of hiring, training and retaining a full-time workforce
  • Ability to align resources with the client’s processes and work style