3D Building Landmarks

AABSyS IT creates 3D Building Landmarks and Photorealistic 3D Models for monuments, museums, places of worship, recreational destinations, petrol pumps and other establishments. 3D Building Landmarks and Photorealistic 3D Models are a unique amalgamation of geo-informatics and multimedia technology to achieve precisely geocoded real time 3D imitations of the landmarks.

These 3D Building landmarks add a dynamic feature to the navigation map databases. They allow the user to view a real time 3D view of the any landmarks on the map which helps them understand and view the map with a different perspective. These maps are a revolutionary concept as it would be helpful for a tourist to easily identify the building by its 3D Building Landmarks models/Photorealistic 3D Models available with the navigation maps.

The 3D Building Landmarks work involves the following stages:
  1. Real world, high quality photography of the said landmark.
  2. Images captured at ground level by digital camera or at a height using helicopters or light wing aircraft.
  3. Creation of the models using GIS software such as ArcInfo and, 3D applications such as 3D Studio Max
  4. Geo-referencing of the 3D models
  5. 3D representation of the landmarks i.e. 3D Building Landmarks are built to high level of details such as grid alignment, capturing dimensions accurately, drafting of slanting roofs etc.
  6. 3D model would be equivalent to real world scale and orientation presented in a variety of 3D formats.
  7. Interiors of these 3D building landmarks can then be created as per requirement.

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