FTTx Network Design

FTTx encompasses all possible optical fiber topologies from a telecom or cable carrier to customer premises based on the location of the termination point of the fiber connection. Increase in demand for subscriber bandwidth, increasing network cost pressure and the limits of copper technology has triggered the use of fiber in the access network.

AABSyS IT has strong expertise and deep domain knowledge in FTTx network designing and drafting. We have supported a number of customers in Europe, Australia, US and India on FTTx Network design, capture of network data along with asset data and physical network inventory, carrying out telecom surveys – long-distance telephony services, creation of As-built drawings (ABD), migration of network data from multiple sources to a single platform and update of As-built data of the network (OSP/ISP) on the enterprise/central GIS via direct or remote access.

Some of the FTTx related services offered by AABSyS include,

  • Preliminary network design
  • FTTx network design and drafting
  • FTTx network update
  • Cabinet update
  • Telecom FTTx network planning
  • Electrical utility FTTx network design
  • FTTx / Fiber cable routing

A video introduction to our FTTx Network Design Services is available. Click here to watch.

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