Structural Analysis, Design and Drafting

Cell towers are the backbone of the wireless telecommunication network. Structural analysis of cell towers is key to ensure good coverage and network consistency. Structural analysis is necessary in recording changes in the equipment, risk category, serviceability requirements, or structural changes. Structural Analysis involves the full analysis of the structure with the proposed changes. The following are offered as part of Structural Analysis:

  • Structural Analysis of Lattice, Monopole Towers with Existing loads (using TIA222-G)
  • Structural Design and Retrofitting for capacity increment or maintenance
  • Structural Design of Greenfield Telecom Towers
  • Existing Building Rooftop Lattice Tower Reanalysis
  • Existing Building Pole Tower Reanalysis
  • New Carrier Design
  • Rooftop and Ground Equipment Platform Design
  • Tower Foundation Design

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