When There Is a Will, There Is Always a Way

This is the story of a girl who believes that when you are determined and without doubt, you can reach out towards your dream – a dream that keeps you awake in the night. That dream which you nurture while you are awake… something that draws you closer to the purpose of life.

At AABSyS IT, we encourage people to put their best foot forward, metamorphize themselves and grow to their greatest levels of achievement not just in their work lives but also in their personal lives. The company strives to be a place where people have a sense of belonging, feel proud and be inspired to deliver their best towards the organizational growth. This objective is reflected in the fulfillment of dreams for some great individuals whom AABSyS IT is proud to have in our team. This is the story of one of our star performers who grew up facing hardships and struggled in her life to become a GIS / CAD Engineer. In this blog post, Poojarinee Bai shares her story.


Hello friends,

I am Poojarinee Bai, a girl who nurtured a dream as a child and dared to think I could fulfill it, if I am determined to succeed. Today I am successfully working as a GIS/CAD Engineer with AABSyS IT. The journey I began as a small village girl to become a GIS/CAD Engineer with AABSyS IT was not an easy one. I learned how to fight the odds and overcome obstacles.

As I grew up, I learned how to struggle for daily bread. I never complained for things that I didn’t have. I consider myself as being blessed to have a father who believes that no work could be lowly. He is a person who faced several difficulties in life and learned how to defend himself. With every failure, he learned how to try again till he succeeded. His motivational thoughts and ideas are always there for me whenever I need. He did everything he could do for us. To support our family, he moved to Kolkata and tried to set up a tailoring business. It did not go well, and he started working as a daily-wage manual worker. Even that didn’t prove to be a sustainable way. Finally, he became a farmer to support my education and help me stand on my feet. Today I am proud to introduce myself as Poojarinee Bai, daughter of Mr. Prabir Bai – a farmer of Jagatsinghpur district, Odisha. I am working hard to give a better life for my parents, and make them proud.

The Past

Life might not appear to have a deeper meaning if it is easy. Life teaches us how to learn from one’s failures. Like every normal child in my village, I also started education by attending our village school – Paschimeswar High School, Banito. However, unlike my classmates who waited for the school to end so that they could return home and enjoy meal with family and go to sleep, I waited for school to be over so that I could help my father with his work. During this struggle between study and work, I completed my schooling and scored 59.2% in my 10th Standard Board Exams. This was beyond the expectations of my family and it they were delighted to see my success.

Post high school, my determination grow stronger and I wanted to pursue a higher dream. To move closer to my dreams, I applied for the DET entrance exam in 2007 and got admission in in mechanical engineering at Dreams College Tangi, Cuttack. The most difficult part of securing this admission was not the entrance test, but the cost of learning. I must arrange for the finances to fund my education at Dreams.

Keeping good faith on myself, I applied for student loans with various banks. I believe that God has always favored me when I faced bad situations. Thankfully my student loan application was approved by SBI Bank, but I had to pledge my father’s agricultural land and our house as collaterals for securing the loan.

I learned what life wanted me to learn. I got a big platform to learn and gain knowledge. In 2010 I scored 68% in final exams to complete my diploma course. After training on Advanced Diploma in CNC Programming Tech. & Practices in Central Tool Room and Training Centre, Bhubaneswar, I joined in MASYS as vendor staff. I was still quite far from what I wanted to be. I wanted to find out better opportunities and be in the right platform. It is then that I joined AABSyS IT. I am here for the past two and a half years, determined to work hard to support my family and put a smile on my parents’ face.

The Present

I consider myself lucky to have such motivated people as my parents. They inspire me to grow stronger and dream higher. I was nominated to the AABSyS Hall of Fame as a star performer, twice in a row.

Yes, I have made some achievement in life, but not what I dreamed of. Life haven’t change much, for me yet. My father still work as a farmer. My brother still struggles to complete his education and need my support. Financial insufficiency still exists in the family. But I am determined to make things better someday. Right now, I am closer to what I wanted, but there are more miles to go. I hope to achieve my dreams soon.

I am happy to be here in AABSyS IT. Thank you very much AABSyS for providing me this opportunity to put my best foot forward and be an achiever in life.