AABSyS becomes a member of UCCI, Odisha

AABSyS becomes a member of Utkal Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Odisha.

Utkal Chambers of Commerce was established in December, 1963 in the backdrop of industrial growth of Orissa, soon after the setup of IDC and other state corporations. It was conceived with the limited objective of protecting and promoting the business interest of a few industries and trading houses of that time. In the 42 years of its existence, its reach has broadened to empowering and enriching the cause of industrial and commercial enterprises of the state through participation with the Government and other association, in formulating and taking care of the interests of the industries as well as the state.

The Chamber reflects the views, perceptions and interests of its constituents in a proactive and constructive manner, within its own community as well as the Government and various other agencies. It is well respected for its balanced and studied approach to matters pertaining to development of trade and industry, promotion of government-industry inter-linkages and for pursuing sensible economic policies.

The Chamber’s membership of about 250 comprises most of the large and medium size companies as well as small, tiny and individuals, having a presence in the state.