AABSyS enters in to a partnership with we-do-IT in Australia

AABSyS IT Private Limited, India and we-do-IT, Australia partnership to provide dedicated Geospatial Data Services for their Global Customer Base

Bhubaneswar, 18 July 2008

Following the move into their purpose-built state-of-the-art Data Services and IT Development Centre in Bhubaneswar on the East Coast of India, AABSyS IT PVT LTD and we-do-IT Pty Ltd in Melbourne have started their partnership by working on US and Australian projects to provide specialized data services for Utility Network Re-alignment processes.

“We went through a careful pre-selection process for an overseas outsourcing partner and spent considerable time visiting short-listed companies in India. AABSyS differentiated through their class facility, easy access to nearby education talent pools, high staff retention, their strong financial position and years of experience providing GIS Data Services including Smallworld GIS and ESRI expertise. We also stayed away from very large (1,000+) companies based on our market research. As an added bonus we took comfort from AABSyS partnering with Mettenmeier in Germany, the largest Smallworld GIS Service provider in the world and our strongest partner for several years” explains Dr Walter Hesse, Managing Director we-do-IT Pty Ltd.

“After the market success in Australia and the US with our adjust.IT Least Squares Network Re-alignment software we received a lot of requests from our customers to also help with the actual operation of the software as a data service. To do this in a cost-competitive way cooperation with an experienced Indian service provider is essential while we add value in terms of overall Project Management, software installation, configuration, customization and support; remote operator training, etc… We are looking forward to this new and exciting initiative to provide additional value to our global customer base. Utility Network re-alignments is a very large market due to the availability of new and highly accurate land bases (GPS, Satellite Imagery, Orthophotos) which in essence are “too accurate” to fit utilities referenced to old land bases of inferior quality. We have improved landbase/network positional accuracies from up to 40m error down to 0.1m using adjust.IT”.

“After meeting with the management of we-do-IT during their assessment visit to India, we have made a personal connection and feel very comfortable working together with the we-do-IT team. The association presents a welcome opportunity for AABSyS to broaden its services and to further expand its network of global partners. As a well known CAD/GIS service provider from India with more than 10 years of experience of working in Utility Data capturing services, we are extremely confident that this association will be fruitful for both sides as it provides a perfect combination of front-end and back-end strengths. AABSyS will setup exclusive and dedicated team for we-do-IT network adjustment projects and for we-do-IT application testing under this new collaboration explains Mr. Arun Patnaik, CEO & Director of AABSyS.


About we-do-IT

Established in 1996, we-do-IT Pty Ltd is a provider of Geospatial Information Technology (GIT) Services specialising in Business System Integration of GIS with Middleware, SAP, ORACLE and Microsoft-based technologies. Situated in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, we-do-IT comprises a team of highly qualified and fully Industry Certified IT Consultants. we-do-IT specialises in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services founded on a continuous track record of successful Business System Integration projects in the Telecommunication, Electricity, Gas and Water industries in the Asia/Pacific region, the USA, UK, Germany, India, Malaysia, China and New Caledonia.


About AABSyS

Established in 1998, AABSyS is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Indian GIS Data Services and IT company that works with GIS companies in US, Europe and Australia as their outsourcing partners. AABSyS offers high quality & cost effective GIS & Cad Services. AABSyS software development services include programming services, custom web application development & web site design services. AABSyS Data Maintenance Services provide large volume online data entry services, manual data entry services, online data processing services.

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