3D Reconstruction of Human Bone Structures

About the Customer The customer is a leading innovator of orthopaedic products, as well as in the development of accompanying surgical techniques, all around the globe. Business Challenge The customer had approached AABSyS with the task of reconstructing artificial orthopaedic products using customer-provided software tools, adhering meticulously to their specifications. Solution A dedicated team at […]

Spatial Insights: Geodata and Landbase

Geodata and Landbase are not just terms, they are integral components of mapping, analysis, and decision-making processes, each bringing a unique contribution to the world of spatial data.

GIS and Land Information Management

Land Information Management (LIM) in GIS refers to the systematic collection, organization, storage, retrieval, and analysis of information related to land and its various attributes.

GIS Services for Mining and Geology

Mining companies use GIS (Geographic Information System) as a powerful tool to keep an eye on the environment affected by their operations and to restore it.

LiDAR services for Telecom

In response to the growing requirements of the digital age, telecommunication companies are integrating cutting-edge technologies like LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging).

Pole Annotation & Calibration

About the Customer  The customer is a prominent pole survey and design firm located in the USA Business Challenge A prominent telecommunications provider faced significant hurdles in establishing an aerial network. In situations where an underground network installation was unfeasible, the existing wooden electrical infrastructure had to bear the additional load of the new fiber, […]

The Role of GIS in Telecom Network Planning

The telecommunications industry, often referred to as telecom, serves as the critical enabler of consumer communication, encompassing voice calls, video, and data exchange.

Strand Map Drafting

Optical fibers serve as the fundamental infrastructure for all telecommunications networks, acting as the conduits for high-speed data transmission.

Utility Survey Application

About the Customer The client is a leading Utility provider in Germany. Business Challenge Network operators and construction companies often face challenges in accurately documenting and surveying multi-utility connections. Traditional methods are time-consuming, error-prone, and may require costly adaptations and integrations with existing systems. The customer engaged AABSyS to provide support for the development of […]