Land Use Land Cover Study

About the Customer The Client is a Design, Engineering & Consultancy services provider, based out of India. Business Challenge The customer sought AABSyS collaboration for Satellite Image Processing / Geographical Information System Map for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Clearance (EC) and Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance. Solution AABSyS, in collaboration with the client, finalized the […]

Topographic Mapping

About the Customer The customer is a prestigious technical research institute in Europe. Business Challenge The customer sought AABSyS to equip them with digital topographic maps of two districts in Romania. Additionally, AABSyS supported them by creating 3D models using digital geographic information, simultaneously performing an analysis of the effects of earthquakes and other influences […]

Thematic Maps for Mining Sector

About the Customer The customer is a mining company based in North America that is a leading provider of nuclear fuel processing services to the world’s reactor fleet. Business Challenge Considering the vitality of maps for planning the mine production and controlling the quality of the excavated ore, the customer required AABSyS to create thematic […]

Impervious Surface Mapping

About the Customer The client is a leading global consulting group based in the UK that provides services in economics, planning, environment, geographical information systems, transportation, and infrastructure. Business Challenge By providing immediate estimates and updated maps for an emergency response to extreme events such as flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes, information about impervious surfaces plays […]

Digitization of Drill Hole Data

About the Customer The customer is one of the largest mine owners in Canada. Business Challenge For the effective management of archives along with ease of access by the users, the customer required AABSyS assistance in conversion of its archival data encompassing text, maps, and images of diamond drill holes into soft copy format for […]

Cadastral Map Digitization

About the Customer The customer is a government agency, Technical Directorate of a State Government Department. Business Challenge To fulfill the objectives of National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP), launched by the Government of India in August 2008, the customer required assistance in cadastral digitization and attribution. The scope of work included capture of all […]

3D Digital Maps Creation

About the Customer The customer is a leading Geographical Institute based in Belgium and it  presence in some European counties. Business Challenge Due to the striking impact of 3D digital maps in providing citywide macro information for varied applications, the customer sought AABSyS to prepare a 3D model for a part of Belgium, using contour […]