When There Is a Will, There Is Always a Way


This is the story of a girl who believes that when you are determined and without doubt, you can reach out towards your dream – a dream that keeps you awake in the night. That dream which you nurture while you are awake… something that draws you closer to the purpose of life. At AABSyS […]

Dream – Dare – Determination: The Story of Sanatan Bindhani


The whole world steps aside for the man, who knows where he is going This is the story of a man who has proved beyond doubt that life is about risking everything for a dream – a dream that no one can see but yourself. Meet Sanatan Bhindani who risked everything for his dream, dared […]

GIS based Website Development for Real Estate

GIS based Website Development for Real Estate

About the Customer The customer is a leading real estate web based property listing company located in the North American Continent. Business Challenge For the capturing of the map datasets and integration of the spatial and non-spatial datasets together for the Cayman Islands, the customer sought AABSyS assistance in preparation of GIS data, website development, […]

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM)


About the Customer The customer is a UK based leading web-based Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software solutions provider, catering to Corporate Real Estate and Facilities groups. Business Challenge The customer possessing non-standardized as-built floor plans and associated data required AABSyS assistance in linking the floor plans to an online database, standardizing as per CAFM […]

CAD Standardization for Healthcare

CAD Standardization for Healthcare

About the Customer The customer is a popular hospital accredited by the Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare in the Netherlands. Business Challenge The customer with a multi-storied facility required AABSyS to standardize the existing DWGs using the AutoCAD platform. The project encompassed the creation of different lines with different text suffixes to identify the […]



About the Customer The client is a leading European CAD services specialist. Business Challenge The customer supporting architectural firms, local administrative bodies, and institutional property owners, had requested AABSyS support for the development of a 3D Building Information Model of buildings encompassing Local Authority Approval Drawing (LAAD) and Working Drawing plan for construction (WD). Solution […]

Farm Coding Web-GIS Application

Farm Coding Web-GIS Application

About the Customer The client is a leading software and services company catering to the USA and UK, providing desktop Geographic Information Systems. Business Challenge For the containment of spread of contagious infections in livestock, the client required AABSyS assistance for the design and development of farm coding Web-GIS application. The aim was to help […]

Digitization of Drill Hole Data


About the Customer The customer is one of the largest mine owners in Canada. Business Challenge For the effective management of archives along with ease of access by the users, the customer required AABSyS assistance in conversion of its archival data encompassing text, maps, and images of diamond drill holes into soft copy format for […]

Cadastral Map Digitization


About the Customer The customer is a government agency, Technical Directorate of a State Government Department. Business Challenge To fulfill the objectives of National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP), launched by the Government of India in August 2008, the customer required assistance in cadastral digitization and attribution. The scope of work included capture of all […]

3D Digital Maps Creation


About the Customer The customer is a leading Geographical Institute based in Belgium and it  presence in some European counties. Business Challenge Due to the striking impact of 3D digital maps in providing citywide macro information for varied applications, the customer sought AABSyS to prepare a 3D model for a part of Belgium, using contour […]